2 Christmas parties in 1 week

Last week was party week. We had one on Thursday and Friday (I am a bit late in writing up as I was knackered all weekend, not so good at late nights). I forgot to take any photos of I will have to use the power of words instead!

The first was the BP Leatherhead Christmas party, which was held in a marquee at Brooklands, near the car racing and aviation museum. There was entertainment provided though out the meal with aerial acrobatics and singers and dancers. I quite liked this as it meant the meal took a bit longer and wasn’t rushed, but at times it was a bit intrusive as you were in mid-converstation and then had to stop and watch. After the dinner there was supposed to dancing. but as the stage was raised (for the earlier performances) I think it inhibited people from getting going. There was a live band until 11 and then a DJ, but we didn’t stay for too long as it was an hours drive back and we had another party the next day!

Our second party was really a dinner, the annual Anglo-Azerbaijani Society dinner, which is held in the Palace of Westminster, more commonly called the Houses of Parliament. We got a tour round the palace first and go to look in both houses, the House of Lords is stunning with intricately carved and gilded wood. The House of Commons is a lot plainer, not as I had supposed because it was for commoners, but because the original room was destroyed by bombs during WWII and had to be re-built during austere times in the 1950s. It was worth going just for the tour.

The dinner was held in the Churchill Dinning Room and was extremely pleasant, we had very good company and there service was excellent. After the dinner and before the speeches there was a performance by a very  talented violist, Nazrin Rashidova, which was absolutely beautiful. 

As I said earlier I forgot to take any photos of either events, I didn’t take my camera with me and I was going to use Richard’s phone but as he had it in his sporran then I completely forgot. Richard wore his kilt outfit for both and I wore my burgundy dress (with a very low back, tape was needed too keep it in place!) for the BP party and my blue Chinese silk cheongsam for the dinner. And you will just have to take my word for it that we looked completely stunning!


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