My first Santa run.

Last year we watched my sister-in-law do a Santa run and this year we decided that we would all join in. Lynsay picked up our Santa suits and very kindly bought her brother a pink suit, red for the rest of us. image

Last year it was clear and sunny, not so this year. The wind thought it would like to join in as well, bring with its friend the rain.  There were some drummers leading the warm up, but it was still very chilly waiting for the start.

image image






However, the inclement weather didn’t seem to put many runners off as there were over 2000 Santas as the start line.image

Gregor ran within Aunt Lynsay and ran the whole way.image

Whilst Katrine’s knees were hurting (she has grown a lot in the last few weeks) so she walked and ran with myself and Richard. I’m very proud of her as she kept going and finished the whole 5K.image

Here we all are, complete with our finishing prizes of medals, mugs and boxes of cereal. I think this might be the start of a new family tradition.




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