Three Kingdoms in a week

When we still thought we were moving to Baku in early January, we arranged to see all our family in the week before Christmas. Now we aren’t going we didn’t have to do this mad run all round the country but thought that we might as well stick to the original plan.

So in a week we went down to the south coast for the Santa Run, up to Glasgow to see Richard’s family, then all the way up North to Aberdeenshire before a very long drive to Wales to see my dad (and go on a steam train).

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 15.34.46It was really good to head up to Aberdeenshire and to Katrine and Gregor’s old school, Rayne North, we arrived in time for morning playtime, so they got to have a run outside and see all their old friends. It was very strange as to me Katrine and Gregor haven’t changed, or grown, that much since we left, but their school friends certainly had – they were all a lot bigger than I remembered.

On they way to the school a pheasant ran out into the road straight in front of our car, it was a narrow road and nowhere for Richard to go so he had to hit it, with a suitable thump. We could then see feathers sticking over the bumper so knew that the bird must still be attached. It shouldn’t really be funny but it went straight head-first thought the front radiator grill!


Very busy week and a lot of laundry to do once we got home, but a really great start to the Christmas holidays.




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