Well that was certainly a Christmas to remember

On the 23rd December we had a big storm with lots of rain and wind. And at about 9.30pm the power went out, which we didn’t think that much about as it was a very dark and stormy night. I was woken in the night with a very substantial thump, which we discovered in the morning was the walnut tree, no longer standing upright.

IMG_1918Which amazingly missed the garage by 1cm!

Also, the very peaceful stream leading into the mill pond had turned into a ranging torrent and our access lane was completely flooded and impassable for a car (though we could get out on foot by walking along the neighbours brick wall).

Though we came off very lightly, one of the neighbours did get flooded, while we are actually slightly higher than the river. There is a drainage ditch just behind the house that overflowed but the sandbags by the back door did their job and we stayed dry.

By noon the water has gone down enough for me to get the car out and pick up all the ordered Christmas food, as we were expecting a  houseful over the next three days. We still didn’t have power but we were confident that power would be soon restored.


We didn’t get power back until 10.40pm on Christmas day, so a total of 49hours without power. So it was Christmas by candlelight and warmth from the open fire. IMG_1921The mill cottage is about 300 years old and not well insulated so the bedrooms were getting very chilly, just before the power came back on the temperature had dropped to 9C (48F).

We also lost our ability to cook, which is where the fun came in, on Christmas Eve we had Richard’s sister and her boyfriend and my mum over for dinner so Richard got the BBQ out and cooked the gammon joint in a pan of boiling water in that, whilst I cooked jacket potatoes in the fire.

IMG_1923 IMG_1920Which was on of the nicest meal I have had in ages. The next morning we managed to have a cooked breakfast, of bacon, beans and scrambled eggs. And we always had the kettle on the fire to have lots of cups of tea, admittedly with  a smokey added flavour.

By mid afternoon all our guest had gone to warmer houses, we were invited to several but optimistically we kept the belief that the power would come back on!

By 5 o’clock and too late to cook the turkey we decide to head out for food and have our Christmas dinner, which we had at a Chinese restaurant in Fleet. So this year we had sweet and sour chicken and crispy aromatic duck.

Very pleased when we did get our power restored and we even managed to keep to some of our plans and have everyone round for a boxing day buffet (minus the cold turkey).


Christmas by candlelight sounds very romantic and we did have a lot of fun, but not one I think we want to do again. I like heating and Christmas TV too much!



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