Last day of 2013

Well 2013 didn’t go as planned! I was looking though my blog and saw my new year’s resolutions and of that long list I only met 2 of the resolutions: I ran a 5k race (not fast and I was outrun by both Katrine and Gregor, but I did it) and we went to Hong Kong.

We started the year believing that we would be staying in Korea until at least January 2014 but probably summer 2014. But that soon changed and we were moving back to the UK. Then just as were about to leave Korea we had a change of destination and were going to Baku, Azerbaijan instead. Initially we were going to go straight there but then we were going to be in the UK for 5 months and go in January 2014. But another change in plans and we are now not going  Baku and are going to stay in the UK.

Just have to say I really, really hope that the plans aren’t going to change again and we can be a bit settled (not for too long, life might get dull!). We have some exciting plans for the new year – but that is another post.

Looking back of the past year we really did manage to fit a lot in, some highlights are:

It has also been a good blog year with my statistics still rising (thank you for reading, it has amazed me that anyone outside of my family does!) This year my blog has been visited by people from 109 countries with a total of 24,328 pages viewed by 6,827 people (though quite a lot of those people will be the same person looking at my blog on different days.) I even got recognised by a reader of this blog in Busan airport.

Happy new year, and I hope that we can manage to have as many fun times in 2014.


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  1. Sandra Howells
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 11:09:11

    Another fabulous year. so much to remember. Another book being born? The vagaries of British life.


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