Making a blog book – part 2

Several months ago I started converting my blog into a printable book. After a lot of frustration and playing around with formatting I finished. The plan was to get it made up as a big book for me and three small ones as Christmas presents. The original plan was the have the book finished by the start of December, to give plenty of time for printing and delivery. However, it too a lot longer to get it all sorted.

I, naively, thought that changing from Large Square to Small Square format would be just a click of a button. But it wasn’t that simple. The photos were automatically rescaled but the text font size remained the same, so obviously now too large. It wasn’t as straightforward as changing the font as the text was in flowing boxes from one page to the other, which was a huge bug bear of mine and took a while to get everything back in the right place. That and I had to delete over 100 blank pages which had randomly appeared.

But I got there and they were all finished. The  estimated delivery date was 10th-17th December and we were heading up to Glasgow on the 16th so needed the books by then. I’m happy to say that I got a note though my door on the 13th from FedEx saying they tried to deliver my parcel. So the next day Gregor and I went to pick it up. The FedEx guys were incredible, they let Gregor come with them into the warehouse and look for the parcel himself. Which he loved, has can now tell you lots of parcel related facts.

I was going to show pictures of the book as soon as I got them, but realised that would spoil the surprise and then I forgot, which is why there is a long delay in this post.

IMG_1939The book is stunning, really well printed, I just used the standard paper and it is still really nice and a good thickness and feel. Everyone has pleased with getting small version as presents as well (well that or they were too polite to say anything else!)

The printing has also made my photos look fantastic!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. drdeblogs
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 17:21:59

    It does indeed look fantastic. The cover is particularly beautiful! Well done.


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