iPad armour and a 7 year old

When Gregor got his iPad mini for the bus journey to school (we thought we were staying in Korea then) we decided it would be a good idea to get a case that would properly protect it. We choose the Griffin Survivor case, which (according to the packaging) meets or exceeds US military specification, so we were hopeful that it would withstand an active 7 year old boy (and 9 year old girl as Katrine got one for her birthday as well).

It has stood up to quite rough handling and I am pleased to say it does bounce and the iPad has remained fully intact and working. But somehow Gregor managed to get some very small scratches on the screen cover. 



Now this did not in anyway affect how the iPad worked and you often couldn’t even see the scratches due to all the mucky finger prints all over it. But I thought it would be nice to get ask if I could buy a replacement screen cover.

Unfortunately, the company do not sell just the screen cover but as it is still under warranty they replaced the whole thing. Which I was amazed at as I didn’t even ask them to.

Gregor couldn’t get the same colours so chose this one instead.

IMG_1949He is very pleased with it, especially as we were watching Deadly Pole to Pole and Steve Backshaw was using an iPad with the same cover. 



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