500 word story competition

Radio 2 runs an annual 500 word children’s story competition and this year Gregor decided he really wanted to enter, which is a big deal for Gregor as 500 words is a lot when you are 7 and yet it isn’t very many to get a complete story in.

Gregor is a huge Minecraft fan and in one of his worlds he has created a scenario and has been “acting” out an adventure. He also started keeping a diary of what he has been up to. Unfortunately, we couldn’t copy and paste from the diary in Pages so I helped out and copied it onto a piece of paper and then typed it up. But only the first chapter, the rest he did on his own.

From Gregor's iPad version of the game, easier to take a screen shot.

From Gregor’s iPad version of the game, easier to take a screen shot.

A Minecraft Adventure

Gregor Haydock

I had been abandoned on the mainland and I searched the sea until I found a boat and I sailed away to my beautiful island and made my house. I made it out of emerald, nether quartz and diamond. I am writing this book to tell you what I did.

Chapter One. The Sail away.

I found a fishing boat and I sailed away and got to a beautiful island. I made a house and a canon that destroyed a fort and turned it to a wreck of emerald and diamond. I got infinity emeralds and diamonds. I reload the canon everyday just in case.

Chapter two. My house.

My house, as I call it, is made out of Emerald and Diamond and Nether quartz. My house has a redstone circuit in the upper floor so I can open and close my sky light I am making loads of books about my adventures and this is the first.

Chapter three. The pig

The pig spawned next to me and I thought I should eat it but just then I saw it was carrying a note and it said get a saddle and put it on me and get carrot on a stick so I did and I put a diamond  saddle on him and I wrote  this chapter on the pig when I was ridding him. I decided to call the pig Bacon.

Chapter four. The hunt

I was walking in the woods and I saw an Ender-dragon guarded by Endermans and I wanted to get that dragon egg I took out my enchanted TNT sword to defeat them! I knew that I needed to build a end portal to kill the Ender-dragon so I set of to hunt for Herobrine’s mansion, when I found it he wasn’t there so I took the end portal and jumped in I was teleported to the end of MINECRAFT!

Chapter five. The kill

I snuck over to the sleeping Ender-dragon and I took out my enchanted TNT sword and placed 1000 TNTs and lit one. I ran from the Ender-dragon and saw him explode. I ran to the dragon egg and collected it and teleported back home.

Chapter six. Dragon egg

The dragon egg is very rare and valuable so I put it in my trapped chest and made a lava pit trap so no one could get it and take it. I made it impossible to get my dragon egg. The only way to get it is to go down a hidden tunnel in my house.

Chapter seven. The bottle

I spent about 5 years doing this adventure, so you see how long it took me but you are asking why this chapter is “the bottle” because at the end I tell you something about a bottle and here it is now. I am placing this story in a bottle and throwing into the sea and I hope someone will find this message.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. drdeblogs
    Feb 26, 2014 @ 14:28:47

    Well done Gregor! I particularly like the idea of composing a journal entry while riding on a diamond-saddled pig. Stylish.


  2. Sandra Howells
    Feb 27, 2014 @ 14:21:20

    Wow, well done, what an adventure.


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