Apologies for not writing.

First I should start by apologising for the long gap in writing on my blog, it isn’t that I haven’t been doing anything interesting or that I had given up, it was simply that I have had concussion for the last few weeks so wasn’t up to writing.

The next thing I should probably saw is how I gave myself concussion. I was playing netball, I play with Brave Harts – a back-2-netball group that met on Monday mornings in the Hart Leisure centre. Absolutely brilliant and I am loving it.

Now netball is a non (or at least limited) contact sport but we hadn’t even got as far as the game, we were still in the first 5 minutes during the warm up. I collided with another player and crashed, head first, backwards into the gym wall. With a very loud bang.

Needless to say this hurt – a lot. And continued to hurt for a long time (I was good and saw the doctor to check everything was OK). It has taken nearly 2 weeks for the slightly dazed feeling to go away and slightly longer for the headache to finally go.

So now I have lots of blog entries to catch up on, I had better get started.


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