Gregor’s rugby match

Finally catching up with some blogs entries from the last few weeks.

I posted a while back about Katrine loving being in the school teams, she has been in both the hockey and the netball teams. Now, Gregor would also love to be in the school teams but there are a lot more people in years 3 & 4 and he is new to rugby so unfortunately didn’t get picked. Until the last match of the season! So of course I had to go along and watch.

They play tag rugby with a belt with 2 “tags” attached, one on each side. If an opponent pulls off a tag you have to throw the ball. I have been told by Gregor that I am not to call them ribbons or handkerchiefs!

It was a close match but we lost 12-11, of which my guy was top scorer, getting 6 of our tries. Then inside for tea team – which is the highlight of any match.


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  1. His grandfather
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:47:02

    Thank heavens he has Welsh qualification – would be a real waste playing for Scotland even if they are still allowed in the 6 Nations


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