All packed up and shipped

Well that is all our belongings off on a container and away to Baku. It was an odd combination of incredibly busy but also a lot of hanging around as everything got packed around me.

For insurance purposes I can not pack anything, as I might have do it incorrectly, so once I have said what is going and what is staying I just had to keep out if the way as much as possible and make cups of tea as required.

It all went a lot quicker than expected, they had scheduled 3 days when 2 would have been plenty. By midday on day 2 the packers had piled up all the boxes into the lounge.


Then on day 3 it all had to be loaded onto the container, we had a 40ft one which looked really out of place in our sleepy English village.


And that was that. It was loaded up the container went off and was soon on boat headed for Turkey. It is on the MSC LEIGH, and you can track her progress, as off today she is just heading out of the English Channel.



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