Birthday in a hotel

This is the second birthday that Katrine has had while living a hotel, the first was in the Lotte Hotel in Ulsan where she came away with a giant pink whale soft toy. And yesterday she turned 10. She had already had her party with all her friends from the UK before we left,


She had a tree climbing party, with her best friend Tillie, who also has a birthday during the school holidays.


We tried to make her birthday as special as possible, it isn’t every day you enter double figures. Whilst we was asleep we decorated the room as best we could.


And had lots of fun with balloons.

image image



She was surprised at breakfast with a cake and all the staff sung happy birthday to her. And the hotel gave her a cake later on as well (at 10 at night, when she was already asleep so we get to enjoy it today)


imageMost of Katrine’s presents are in the shipment, so she will have to wait until we get into our house to get them, Fortunately, Aunty Lynsay wasn’t organised enough so her present had to come in our suitcases, a genuine a rainbow Loom. Plus Gregor got her a loom book and extra bands and we surprised her with the sleeping kitten (with breath movements and it purrs).



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  1. funnyboo5
    Aug 09, 2014 @ 14:47:53

    Happy birthday


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