We have our cat back

Electra wasn’t able to fly with us as we were staying in a hotel at first and didn’t know how long we would have to wait for a house, plus we packed all her paperwork, including the document giving details of her rabies vaccination, so that needed to be repeated and then we had to wait 30 days before she was allowed to fly.

We used AirPets in the UK and AceCaspian in Azerbaijan, who have worked together before and all went very smoothly. Kelly, from AirPets kept me informed how Electra was getting on and sent me some photos.

She arrived in Baku on Wednesday morning, unfortunately to the wrong terminal! She was supposed to go to the cargo terminal and instead went to the passenger one and was left in the arrivals area. Not quite sure how long she was left there for but eventually she did make it to the right place. But without all her paperwork (vaccination schedule, certificate to fly and her pet passport) that customs need to release her.

This is where Zhanara from AceCaspain was really great, she managed to negotiate releasing Electra using the copies of all the documents that AirPets had sent a few days earlier. Very relieved to get the phone call saying she was now on her way.

She has settled in really quickly, straight out of her traveling box and started to explore, she found her food and water straight away, and has been rubbing up against everything to mark it as hers. She is looking remarkably chilled out and wanting lots of cuddles.

IMG_2709 IMG_2706


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Howells
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 12:18:44

    So pleased she is with you now, and looking good. Very happy cat and family.


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