Making sock ponies

A couple of crafty blog posts this weekend.

Katrine was given a sock pony kit for her birthday (I think from Tilly, but I can’t fully remember – whoever it was thank you, we are really enjoying it). We started making them a couple of weekends ago but I forgot to take photos.

Pretty simple design, one sock becomes the legs and body and the other is cut up into the arms and head, then they are decorated using beads and felt. Week 1 we got the legs sewn and body stuffed and yesterday we managed to make the rest so the main part of the pony is complete (small pun there, did you like it?).

Given that 1 girl hadn’t sewn before, 1 had done and little and the other was pretty handy with a needle (and will very quickly catch up) they are doing really well.

There will be a few weeks break before our next pony session as Gill is busy and very much needed – I am not a sewer , I can do the basics like running stitch and up and over – which is called whip stitch apparently, so I am learning too. Thanks again to Gill helping them out.


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