Richard the Lionheart sock puppet

I love PYP*, I love that the children get a bit more freedom to explore topics and wander off with their own ideas. Katrine’s UOI (Unit Of Inquiry – which I think should be Enquiry making it UOE, but moving on) is “How we organise ourselves – Government systems and how they affect the citizens”. They have covered a huge range of topics with some fabulous guest speakers, from Chinese communism to visits from the Italian and British Ambassadors.

They have had to do a presentation then a more in-depth personal report on this, either current or historical, and finally a creative presentation that will engage the class. Katrine has chosen to do Richard the Lionheart and feudal Britain, with a brief diversion onto King John and the Magna Carta.

Her first report was though the medium of lego and Sylvanian families showing the contrast of medical and modern times.

Today we have been working on the creative presentation of her report about Richard the Lionheart, which she has decided is best to do via sock puppets.

Sally Sock is a reporter for hiSockical news and is interviewing King Richard I, which includes a hilarious French accent. For the sharp eyed amongst you, you might recognise the socks as the BA flight socks, we always keep them as they make the best puppets.

I think the news would be a lot more interesting if it was presented by sock puppets.


*PYP – Primary Years Programme – is the International Baccalaureate’s curriculum for ages 5-11


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  1. Dave
    Sep 21, 2014 @ 16:21:20

    I think politics would have been a lot more pleasant if certain sour politicians in the past 2 days had put a sock in it.


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