Got my Kenwood Chef fixed

Before moving to Baku I treated myself to a Kenwood Chef Titanium, I got this version as it came with most of the doodahs that I wanted and I added the mincer as well. It was my first kitchen machine and it has taken a bit of getting used to – those spinning blades on the food processor look scary! But after a couple of months I was really enjoying having it and using it more and more.

And then it stopped working! Katrine and I were going to make meringues and I was whisking the egg whites when it just cut out. There is a safety cut off in case of overloading, which shouldn’t have happened with 2 egg whites, so I left it for a while on the hope it would reset.

Nope, nothing happened. A friend’s driver is good with machines had a look at it but no joy so I contacted Kenwood to see if they could help, on their website there is a number of a Kenwood service centre but when I called it is now an optician, they gave me another number which my driver had to call, but the guy is no longer selling Kenwood but knew a repair place that might be able to help.

So we tootled off into the city and found the repair shop, which is a down a small set of stairs underneath Etam Lingerie on 28th May Street. The master told me he would have to look at it and would call my driver later, a couple of hours later I was told there was something wrong with the turny thingy (via my driver, who has been really helpful). Good news it is now fixed.

The turny thingy turned out to the be the knob that controls the speed which had to be replaced. However, they couldn’t get one of the same size or even remotely to match.


Oh well, at least it works, which is the most important thing (though it no longer has the pulse setting but to be honest I hadn’t used that anyway so sure I won’t miss it much).


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