Spouses visit to Sangachal Terminal

Yesterday BP arranged a visit for all the spouses (mostly wives but there were a few husbands there as well) to visit the Sangachal Terminal, which is where all the oil is brought in from the off-shore fields, quickly processed and then pumped into the pipelines to be taken off and away.

I did take my camera on the off chance that I would be allowed to take photos but, as expected I couldn’t. On site there is strict control of anything that could produce a spark, which includes mobile phones and cameras. Very sensible policy given the terminal is full of oil and gas.

It takes about an hour to drive to the terminal from Stonepay, once we arrived there were 2 difference sets of security to go though before we were driven to the canteen for refreshments and a talk, about what the terminal does, how it does it and how it has changed over the years.

BP has been involved in Azerbaijan for 20 years (there was a big ceremony last Saturday) and there have been huge changes, both to the oil and gas production and the country as a whole, during that time. We can see it from the ten years ago that we were last here.  I have found on Google Earth some images of the terminal from 2004 and 2014.






As you can see – not a lot of greenery about! In fact in the terminal they try very hard to keep the grass away, mainly as the dry grasses are a fire hazard but also as snakes and wild dogs can use the scrub grass to hide in.

After the talk (first oil well was drilled here in 1849 – I was paying attention – ten years before the one in American) we were given a bus tour of the facility before changing busses and heading home.


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