Baku Roasting Company

IMG_0004This week I had a meeting with the other mum who is homeroom parent (yes I agreed to do it, but only for 1 class, Katrine’s, I will do Gregor’s next year). As I now have a new phone I have a camera again so can take photos easily I thought I would post about the coffee shop we went to, The Baku Roasting Company. I have heard people talking about it, so it was a good chance to find out a bit more myself.

IMG_0002It is really nice, good selection of teas and coffees and some wonderful cakes. We tried the chocolate brownie – which huge, I split it between 4 children heated for a few seconds in the microwave and served with ice-cream. I didn’t get to try any but given the speed it was eaten I am assuming it was good. I did try the carrot cake which was really yummy.

They also do bagels, wraps and soups so looks like a good place to come for lunch. They even do delivery to Stonepay for 5azn or free is you order over 40azn which is worth remembering.




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