Mud volcanoes

While we were south of Baku looking at the cave petroglyphs we had to go and see the mud volcanoes.

Find them is pretty fun in of itself, there aren’t any signs so you are navigating there from a hand drawn map in the THE book on Azerbaijan  – Mark Elliot’s Azerbaijan with excursions to Georgia. The track from the road starts out reasonable and then turns into a path where other cars have gone before. The rain of the week before didn’t make the driving any easier.

So what is a mud volcano? They aren’t really volcanos as no lava is involved, instead mud (not surprisingly) mixed with water and gases bubble out and form domes and mud flows – more can be found on wikipedia . They are really great to wander around and watch (and hear and occasionally smell) them popping and bubbling away.

It is a brilliant place to visit and we had 2 very happy and very muddy children.


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  1. Sandra Howells
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 11:40:44

    Is the mud not hot? There is such potential for a Iceland type spa here Mud treatment and skin cures….. Day dreams


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