Trip to the cave paintings at Qobustan

Last weekend was the end of the half term holidays and the first bit of dry weather so we headed out of Baku to Qobustan (pronounced Gobustan) to see the cave paintings and rock art. (We are starting to make a habit of this, we also went to see petroglyphs in Korea.)

There is a new museum there which has some great interactive exhibits and information (in both Azeri and English). Both Katrine and Gregor really enjoyed the museum and picked up quite a bit about the chaining landscape and the different ages of the paintings.

After a toilet stop (clean and with toilet paper which is always a major plus) we got back into the car to head up into the mountains to the site of the actual caves.

There are loads of carvings to see (they are numbered) and rocks to scramble over and the pictures are very clear and it was great fun to recognise the images from the museum and figure out what the story they are saying.

The last picture shows Katrine playing a carved rock which plays a slightly different tone depending on where you strike it.

There was a pagoda set up for picnics, where Gregor made a new friend (every where he goes he has to talk to all the cats!)

IMG_2886 IMG_2887

For the second half of our adventure we headed a bit further south to see the mud volcanos.


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  2. Sandra Howells
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 11:36:50

    That looks a really good museum, and a good place to visit. Well done Azerbaijan! And I’m so glad you had a good day out, maybe Gregor will work with big cats one day!


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