Preparing for Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays and we all love getting in to the spirt of things (did you see what I did there?). Last year we were visiting here on our recce trip, I can’t believe that that was a year ago – it really doesn’t feel that long. The year before we were in Korea and had a lot of fun dressing up and going Trick or Treating around the apartment.

This year will be our first in Stonepay and from what I can here it is a big occasion. All the roads are closed in the evening so that the kids can wander safety and there are loads of houses being decorated, some were decorated weeks in advance.

So over the last few weeks we have been busy getting ready as well, and making as much ourselves as possible.

First we needed to get some supplies and, as even though I am good at crafty stuff I am not a sewer, we needed costumes. My driver already knew a good party shop, Karnival – which is on Rashid Behbudov (an Azeri singer/actor) Street between Milli Bank and Kapital bank on the righthand side, before you get to the park.

They have a pretty good selection of children’s and adult’s costumes, loads of balloons and knickknacks (a lot of which are very shiny, my magpie was a very happy girl) and a really good selection of face paints (the german brand Eulenspiegel).

Now we were fully stocked up the next step was to get making!

IMG_0080Rubber washing up gloves stuffed with cotton wool and then covered with papier mache (the slightly grey cover is because we are reusing the packing paper from the move).

The looked pretty good just like this but even better when they were painted and false nails applied.


Now onto making the cardboard graves (move reusing packing material – this time the boxes). The dog wanted to be in this photo – and he was too cute to shoo away.


Then all that was needed was to attach wooden sticks, so they can be stuck into the ground, and the fun of spray painting them grey.

IMG_3020 IMG_3021

We still have the finishing touches to do tomorrow but it is already looking good.


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