Sederek market

I mentioned the other day that I had been buying fruit at Sederek, so I thought I would show some photos from my recent visit to the main market to pick up christmas supplies.

First thing to realise is that Sederek is very very big, there is a map on the website:

Xalça bazari - the fruit and veg bazaar. There there are the two main buildings.

Xalça bazari – the carpet bazaar.
There there are the two main buildings.

Not sure this map is going to help very much, much better to go with someone who knows their way around a bit. My driver went with me, which was incredibly useful. The parking is very chaotic, so best to go in the morning, it is apparently total chaos on a weekend afternoon.

A lot of the stalls sell the same or very similar items so it is worth looking around to find exactly what you want. And everything is available here – you just might have to hunt for it a bit!

IMG_0311 IMG_0312

The market is organised into rows (satir) which are displayed on signs from the ceilings and the vendors will give you a card with the information on. However I was quite happy to just wander around and search for what I wanted. All the vendors were very polite, no calling out or heckling.

IMG_0313There are lots of christmas decorations and I managed to get a tree, baubles and lots and lots of tinsel. I know it is early but we put up our tree yesterday.

I also found a hot glue gun (we had a lot of fun with it at guides last week I wanted my own).


Plus I have volunteered to do some baking for the christmas fairs that are coming up, and thought that it would be easier to make up a big batch and cook in one go. It took a bit of searching but I found the tins that I wanted.

And at only 1azn each (about 80p) a total bargain, not the best quality but you can’t really argue at that prize.


I also got some christmas presents but  I can’t put photos on here in case they are reading.


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