Marks and Spencers has opened

It has been a long time since my last blog post, before Christmas life got crazy busy and then since I got back from the UK I just never got round to writing, I guess I had just fallen out of he habit. So I am going to try and get back into the habit and keep my blog going.

And to start with here are some photos from the Marks and Spencers that has just opened up in Port Baku Mall.

It is a nicely laid out store, spread over two floors, with a fairly decent selection of items, though geared towards the more expensive range of the M&S line – so more of the autograph collections and less the every day value. There are some major downsides though;

  • firstly, no food hall! That was what I was hoping for more than anything – salt and vinegar crisps and Percy Pigs and I am a happy girl.
  • secondly, the prices. I already said it is the more expensive clothes anyway then there is a huge Baku uplift, so expect to pay nearly double the UK price
  • thirdly, you are followed around by a member of staff. I know this is meant to be helpful but I find it extremely off putting,  especially when it is a male member of staff and I wanted to have a look at the bras.

So nice to have and good for emergency clothes shopping, especially for children’s clothes where the uplift didn’t seem too painful (though Next seems better value) but not really an everyday shop.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Howells
    Feb 05, 2015 @ 19:22:32

    Wow, what a change. Good to have an M&S even with the ‘down side’.


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