Katrine’s Open House

Katrine’s P8 year (which is year 6 in England and grade 5 else where – TISA has it own numbering system just to make it a bit more confusing) had their Open House last week. This is an opportunity for the student to show their portfolio of work and usually there is a performance element as well.

As I am on of the home room mums, I had to help out with the decoration and providing food. This year they did a poetry cafe, so we had to transform a classroom.


Then home to bake biscuits, as there are four P8 classes I needed to make 40 biscuits. I cooked 43 so we got to eat 1 each (Richard was in the UK), you can just see Katrine’s hand going in for the grab!


The open houses started in the new gym, TISA5, which is looking really good, before returning in to poetry cafe.

We finished the morning with a trip to the art rooms to see their work inspired by Picasso’s Guernica painting. Always good to go in a see what they have been up to and it was a very enjoyable morning.


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