Willy Wonka School Play

All this term some members of the Upper Primary have been hard at work preparing for the musical Willy Wonka Kids, which is a shortened version only being 45 minutes long. Ms Charlotte certainly worked the cast hard and it showed when it cam to show time, everything went smoothly and the performances were really good.

Katrine was playing Phineas Trout, who is the news reporter who introduces the audience to the children who have found the Golden Ticket. It was a really good role for her, as there is some nice comic timing which I think she does very well (I know I am a tiny bit biased!).

11046811_10152798927264053_4278650569026516226_n 11046672_10152798926899053_3869729325884476064_o 11029522_10152798927099053_4996031706565553576_o


The set was painted by parent and pupil volunteers – not me this time as I busy with Guides so stayed out of the play. The Oomba Lumpas and squirrels looked fantastic and brilliant dancing and singing, really made the show great.

11019547_10152798909074053_3770933431356320667_n 10854469_10152798912514053_4219347307310232296_o

It was a lot of hard work as any show is, but the end result was definitely worth it.



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