Novruz celebrations on the Boulevard.

Novruz is one of the main (if not the main) festivals in Azerbaijan, literally meaning New Day, it is a celebration of the New Year and the start of spring.,

The kids have been studying Novruz at school and have made Khoncha – which is an ornamental plate filled with sweets, pastries nuts and dried fruit arranged in a decorative pattern – and grown a semini. A semini is a grass grown in the small circle on a plate and then finished off with a ribbon, it forms the centre of the celebratory table, normally finished off with a red or Azerbaijani flag ribbon.

Katrine's semini.

Katrine’s semini.

Today is the day before Novrus begins and we were told there was lots happening down on the Boulevard, there were stalls showing and selling traditional crafts as well as stalls for the different regions and cities around Azerbaijan – we brought some honey from Dashkesan, complete with cone which is very tasty. There were also performances of traditional instruments and singing.


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