Trip up Maiden Tower and around the old city

As the kids have never been up Maiden Tower and it has been many years since I have I thought it was about time that we did.

IMG_3189The Maiden Tower was built in the 12th century, though there are some thoughts that the foundations (which go 15m into the ground) and the first few floors were built much earlier between 4th-6th centuries though others say it was all build in one go.

Why the tower was built and why it is the shape it is is also debated, the main theories seem to be:

  1. It was an observatory
  2. It was aligned to the winter solstice (the windows on the top floor) so it was for religious reasons
  3. It is the shape of a Buta to celebrate Baku’s connection to fire.
  4. It is a defensive tower
  5. The sticking out bit was for stability as it was built on a sloping rock and to make the building earthquake proof.

What ever the reason it is certainly an impressive building, with its steep spiral staircase (though there was a ladder for the first few floor that could be pulled up – now a metal spiral staircase), water pipes built into the walls and an unsurpassed view from the top.

It is also a complete bargain to get into – 2azn for adults (about £1.30) and 20q for kids (13p!).

Then we had an amble though the old city, which always provides something to look at and good photos.


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