Opening of TISA5

TISA (The International School of Azerbaijan) had the grand opening of the new sport hall – TISA5 – this week. The sports hall has been in use for the last term so this was really the official ribbon cutting ceremony.


TISA5 includes a main gym, an activities gym with climbing ropes, climbing wall, climbing frames etc… a dancing studio, a workout gym with exercise equipment (parents can’t currently use this but there might be a possibly in the new school year) and a very nice lobby where we meet for Guides.

The ceremony started with a traditional speech and ribbon cutting, followed by a gymnastic display by the Azerbaijani Junior Gymnastics Team and finished off with food in the lobby.

TISA5 is a great facility and we are really lucky to have it.


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    Apr 05, 2015 @ 16:51:32

    This is so fun for me. I followed your blog. To learn more about Baku because my best friend’s family were being sent there and now that she’s there your pictures add so much. She went to the opening too!


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