First day of school

The traditional photo of the first day of the new school year. (2014, 2013, 2012 can be found here).


Couple of important milestones for us this year. The first is a biggy – Katrine started in Middle school! Which would be Secondary in England, she would still be Primary in Scotland though. She is now in M1 (England – year 7, Scotland – P7, other places Grade 6). Very exciting to be moving in the upper corridors, with a timetable where you change classrooms all the time. That and they get lockers! Plus, and it is a major plus, they get their own laptops, which they can bring home with them.*
IMG_0937 IMG_0935 (1)

The second is a milestone for Gregor, this year is the first year that he has returned to the same school after the summer holidays. The longest he has done at a school previously was 1 year, the shortest 8 weeks. He is going into P7 (England – year 5, Scotland P5, other places -Grade 4) and TISA is his 6th school.

  • TISA is a 1:1 macbook school, all students in upper Primary, Middle and High school have their own allocated laptop, either a Macbook pro or a Macbook air. Students in upper Primary have to keep their laptops in school.

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  1. mumat55
    Aug 22, 2015 @ 20:05:02

    How exciting, and how different! That is the way of the future I’m sure. Thing is can they do exams using the computer or will they still have to write long hand?


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