Testing the mini fire pits

Having brought mini fire pits/BBQs for Guides last week, we all felt that we needed to test them to make sure they worked. And obviously a sunny Sunday is 34 degree heat was considered the ideal time to have a fire in the back garden!

We roped in some extra children and headed off to gather firewood, in the scrub land behind the tennis courts. We easily managed to get enough small bit for kindling as well as some bigger branches for proper burning.

We then headed to our back garden to get everything going, we used tumble dryer fuss as the tinder, but probably didn’t need it as all the word was so dry it caught incredibly quickly.  And it wasn’t too long before the marshmallows were being toasted and enjoyed by all. Gregor likes his marshmallows extra blackened (you can see how hot it was that day by how sweaty he is in the last photo).

The Guides will have a lot of fun with these, perfect for practising fire skills and they can use them to cook with in the summer.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. mumat55
    Sep 11, 2015 @ 11:40:47

    is that really a marshmellow? I’m not sure even Gregor is sure just what that is. Fun doing it though.


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