Caspian Choir

This time last year I was persuaded to join the Caspian Choir, I hadn’t been in a choir since school aged (complete with red cassock and white surplice). It is a great bunch of expat ladies who meet once or twice a week to sing. We work towards performances throughout the year – at some of the balls, as well as the school concerts and out own recital at the end of the summer term. I missed the recital this year so really hope I can do the next one.

On Friday we were asked to perform by the Baku Rotary Club, who host regular cinema nights. This weeks showing was a French film The Chorus. We sang two songs, Keep You in Peace, By Sarah Morgan based on a traditional Irish blessing and  the second was Girdim yarın bağçasına, a traditional Azerbaijani love song. It is quite a challenge singing the Azerbaijani song as the words and sounds aren’t familiar and the harmonies are very different from those I am used to. (Here is a youtube video of the song with traditional Azerbaijani instruments – we were accompanied by a piano)

It was a really pleasant evening, temperature was perfect and wonderful group of friends to spend it with.

We were all given a rose as a thank you to take home. IMG_1054


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