Got another kitten!

One of the hazards of living in Baku is there are always loads of adorable kittens, practically everywhere you look. I have been tempted but Richard has stood firm that 1 cat and a dog is enough. But by agreeing to another sailing holiday next year he relented and we got one.

This is Cosmo, he is a long haired fluff ball, who is we think about 8 weeks old and into everything and has no fear. The dog is OK with him and they play nicely most of the time. Though Liquorice doesn’t like it when he is trying to sleep and Cosmo keeps bitting his ears or tail. But then who would!

Electra on the other hand is not a happy kitty. Quite a bit of hissing and glaring but it is getting less and we are making sure she has lots of fuss an extra nice food so she knows the kitten isn’t a threat.

Cosmo has currently found my knitting and is getting himself happily tangled up in some spare wool!

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