Sew busy

I haven’t been able to write my blog in a little while as I have been sew busy – pun intended! Katrine has a sewing machine and thought it would be a great idea to make her own costume for Halloween. Then Gregor wanted a homemade on as well.

Well, needless to say, I ended up doing a lot of work on both which took a lot longer than I expected. Well, I expected it to take a long time as I am not a sewer, but it still took longer. So all last week was taken up with getting the costumes finished and good to go.

Last year we decorated the front drive but the combined reasons that I was too busy and the weather was foul meant we didn’t this year. Just a lonely pumpkin sitting on the door step! The weather on Halloween was truly dreadful, bucketing it down and blowing a gale, so both costumes were only worn for an hour max before being abandoned for thick coats, hats, gloves and scarves.

Regardless I am still very proud of myself (and Katrine – to be fair she did a lot, including the zip, there just wasn’t enough time for her to do it in time).


Katrine’s is dressed up as a Evil Queen using Simplicity 1551, which is a long dress with a train (perfect for wet weather!) with split sleeves. Supposed to be easy and great for beginners, well I suppose we did mange but we found it tricky, especially the shopping round the bodice. Katrine was in far too much of a hurry to pose for photos so this is the best that I got.

IMG_3633 IMG_3636

Gregor went as Death, thank you Tammy for getting him the scythe it really made the difference. This was also a Simplicity pattern 1582. We had to make it a lot smaller than the XS as Gregor is only nine, and again it trailed on the floor, which would be fine for dry weather but ended up soggy and cold. But it has washed up well and there is plenty of room for growth so it will do another year.


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  1. mumat55
    Nov 04, 2015 @ 12:58:53

    Well done, such a shame about the weather but then all hallows is supposed to shriek it way through the night while you stay inside by the warm fire telling ghost stories and family histories, and stroking the black cat – well the kitten cat will be there one day. Good costumes.


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