Dog needed a hair cut

There are a few different places to get a dog’s hair trimmed here, but I have known people unhappy with all of them. So I decided it was a good idea to buy some clippers and learn how to do it myself.

Here he is in all his shaggy glory:


First it was bath time, not his favourite time but he puts up with it with good grace. And then runs around like a wild things for about ten minutes when we let him go. At least he is now all clean:


Then on to the clippers. It was amazing how much fur came off such a small dog. I went for a short trim this time so hopefully he won”t need another full trim until spring, just tidy up if needed. Ta Da

Now he is supposed to be a Yorkshire terrier but just look at those legs? Do they look very Yorkie like to anyone? We have fun trying to guess what other bread might be mixed in there, maybe some whippet? That would explain the slipping out when we open the front door and bolting it down the street! Great game, especially if some children can be persuaded to join in a chase him.

So what do yo think – what types of dogs are in there?


Checking out Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center

A friend and myself went to check out the facilities at Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center (last time I am writing it out in full it can be AARC from now on) as we both need somewhere for our dogs to stay over the Christmas holidays and I am looking for a vets for liquorice’s neutering operation.

The center is on the Baki-Shamakhi highway and is clearly signed, they have a Facebook page and the phone number is 050/055 3551717.


The dog boarding facilities look good, they have two corridors with enclosures for the dogs, the dogs also have a large, secured exercise area complete with swimming pool.

IMG_2789 IMG_2790

Everything looked clean and well tended and the dog enclosures are spacious.

However they paled in comparison to the car accommodation, Electra would get her very own chalet.

IMG_2793 IMG_2792There were cats that need rehoming as well, kept in separate accommodation, they looked very happy and content. There are some absolutely gorgeous kittens, I don’t think it will be a good idea to take Katrine and Gregor or it will be hard to leave with out extra animals!

IMG_2795 IMG_2794There are also street dogs, however not many people take these so they are long term residents. They are kept completely separate from private dogs so there is no chance of disease transfers.

IMG_2800 IMG_2801The gentleman showing us round obviously cared about the animals and the dogs in particular really liked him, which is very reassuring.

So, obviously, I can’t give a proper review of the boarding until after we have used it but I am happy to give it a go.

We got a puppy!

There is a sensible route to take in life and then there is the more impulsive one and trust everything works out. We tend towards the later! And in this case we have got ourselves a puppy. We always intended to get a puppy once we had fully settled here, it was one of the promises we made to the kids about moving again. But this is a bit quicker than we intended. Ideally, we would have got the garden fenced in first but we can work with that.

He is a 4 month old Yorkie pup, who was looking for a new home, exactly what we were looking for. He is a very friendly little chap and enjoys being around us and the children. Katrine in especially taken with him.

He is definitely used to being allowed on the sofas and this is one habit that we are happy for him to keep. He is a complete snuggle bug and loves curling up next to a lap.

Toilet training is a bit hit and miss, we have only had him for 1 day so not expecting too much, this morning we spent 10 minutes outside and then we wee’d as soon as we got inside but we have had a few successes as well.

Only thing we are struggling with is a name. Katrine and Gregor first wanted Cerberus (as Electra is a Ancient Greek name) but that was too much of mouthful and he doesn’t really look much like a hellhound! (I really liked Merridoc as our old dog was called Pippin but that was vetoed by everyone else.)

Topping the options at the moment are liquorice and toffee? Which do you prefer and we are very much open to other ideas.