Got another kitten!

One of the hazards of living in Baku is there are always loads of adorable kittens, practically everywhere you look. I have been tempted but Richard has stood firm that 1 cat and a dog is enough. But by agreeing to another sailing holiday next year he relented and we got one.

This is Cosmo, he is a long haired fluff ball, who is we think about 8 weeks old and into everything and has no fear. The dog is OK with him and they play nicely most of the time. Though Liquorice doesn’t like it when he is trying to sleep and Cosmo keeps bitting his ears or tail. But then who would!

Electra on the other hand is not a happy kitty. Quite a bit of hissing and glaring but it is getting less and we are making sure she has lots of fuss an extra nice food so she knows the kitten isn’t a threat.

Cosmo has currently found my knitting and is getting himself happily tangled up in some spare wool!


Sew busy

I haven’t been able to write my blog in a little while as I have been sew busy – pun intended! Katrine has a sewing machine and thought it would be a great idea to make her own costume for Halloween. Then Gregor wanted a homemade on as well.

Well, needless to say, I ended up doing a lot of work on both which took a lot longer than I expected. Well, I expected it to take a long time as I am not a sewer, but it still took longer. So all last week was taken up with getting the costumes finished and good to go.

Last year we decorated the front drive but the combined reasons that I was too busy and the weather was foul meant we didn’t this year. Just a lonely pumpkin sitting on the door step! The weather on Halloween was truly dreadful, bucketing it down and blowing a gale, so both costumes were only worn for an hour max before being abandoned for thick coats, hats, gloves and scarves.

Regardless I am still very proud of myself (and Katrine – to be fair she did a lot, including the zip, there just wasn’t enough time for her to do it in time).


Katrine’s is dressed up as a Evil Queen using Simplicity 1551, which is a long dress with a train (perfect for wet weather!) with split sleeves. Supposed to be easy and great for beginners, well I suppose we did mange but we found it tricky, especially the shopping round the bodice. Katrine was in far too much of a hurry to pose for photos so this is the best that I got.

IMG_3633 IMG_3636

Gregor went as Death, thank you Tammy for getting him the scythe it really made the difference. This was also a Simplicity pattern 1582. We had to make it a lot smaller than the XS as Gregor is only nine, and again it trailed on the floor, which would be fine for dry weather but ended up soggy and cold. But it has washed up well and there is plenty of room for growth so it will do another year.

Well that is summer over!

One thing that is very different about the weather here is how abrupt the season changes are. Back in the UK it moves very gradually between the seasons, with several false starts. Here it is almost overnight.

This time last week it was 29 degrees, clear blue skies – the same as it had been for the last few weeks. This week there was hints that the weather was turning, there as a big storm Sunday night but Monday after a chilly start still 28 degrees.

And then today. 13 degrees! Rain and wind!

And that is pretty much the forecast from now on. Cloudy and showery with temperatures from 13-19 degrees. Bit of a shock to the system today, we also had a scurry around this morning trying to find trousers! They were tucked up at the top of the wardrobe. This weekend’s task will be to put away all the summer clothes.

Sederek market

I mentioned the other day that I had been buying fruit at Sederek, so I thought I would show some photos from my recent visit to the main market to pick up christmas supplies.

First thing to realise is that Sederek is very very big, there is a map on the website:

Xalça bazari - the fruit and veg bazaar. There there are the two main buildings.

Xalça bazari – the carpet bazaar.
There there are the two main buildings.

Not sure this map is going to help very much, much better to go with someone who knows their way around a bit. My driver went with me, which was incredibly useful. The parking is very chaotic, so best to go in the morning, it is apparently total chaos on a weekend afternoon.

A lot of the stalls sell the same or very similar items so it is worth looking around to find exactly what you want. And everything is available here – you just might have to hunt for it a bit!

IMG_0311 IMG_0312

The market is organised into rows (satir) which are displayed on signs from the ceilings and the vendors will give you a card with the information on. However I was quite happy to just wander around and search for what I wanted. All the vendors were very polite, no calling out or heckling.

IMG_0313There are lots of christmas decorations and I managed to get a tree, baubles and lots and lots of tinsel. I know it is early but we put up our tree yesterday.

I also found a hot glue gun (we had a lot of fun with it at guides last week I wanted my own).


Plus I have volunteered to do some baking for the christmas fairs that are coming up, and thought that it would be easier to make up a big batch and cook in one go. It took a bit of searching but I found the tins that I wanted.

And at only 1azn each (about 80p) a total bargain, not the best quality but you can’t really argue at that prize.


I also got some christmas presents but  I can’t put photos on here in case they are reading.

Introducing Dougal 2


We have our new car. Very excited to have this as it I have been a bit stuck in Stonepay this week. It will be great to get out and explore a bit more and get to the fruit and veg markets. Our driver, Turan,  seems really good, he is coming on Monday to pick me up. It is a bit odd having a driver again and I’m sure it will take some getting used to but the driving in Baku is absolutely terrifying that I am much happier leaving it to someone else. (I did drive in Korea which was bad enough but driving here takes it to a whole new level, though there are some who do brave driving themselves especially at the weekend when the traffic is less.)

You might be wondering why the car is called Dougal 2, well because we had a Mitsubishi Pajero (called a Shogun in the UK) the last time we were here, which was unsurprisingly called Dougal, named after the dog from the Magic Roundabout. I have just been doug1460looking up the wikipedia page, I never knew that the program was originally in French and the BBC brought the animation but without the scripts, so a new script was made just from the animation, which might explain why the stories were a bit odd at times.

Whilst on silly facts, the Pajero is named after the Pampus cat from South Argentina!

Some photos of the original Dougal, looking right at home off road around about Baku. Really looking forward to getting out and doing a bit more of this!




Gregor’s rugby match

Finally catching up with some blogs entries from the last few weeks.

I posted a while back about Katrine loving being in the school teams, she has been in both the hockey and the netball teams. Now, Gregor would also love to be in the school teams but there are a lot more people in years 3 & 4 and he is new to rugby so unfortunately didn’t get picked. Until the last match of the season! So of course I had to go along and watch.

They play tag rugby with a belt with 2 “tags” attached, one on each side. If an opponent pulls off a tag you have to throw the ball. I have been told by Gregor that I am not to call them ribbons or handkerchiefs!

It was a close match but we lost 12-11, of which my guy was top scorer, getting 6 of our tries. Then inside for tea team – which is the highlight of any match.

Exciting post!

Look what Katrine and Gregor got in the post today!

IMG_2005It is for their Jenny Jones cake. Very proud mummy.


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