A few of my favourite things.

Here are some of the things I really, really like about South Korea. These aren’t big things but they are things that make me smile.


Autumn. When we arrived it was way to hot, it was 36degrees on the first day and very humid. Then came the typhoons and the rain. But that has all passed and we now have extremely pleasant weather, it peaks at around 22degrees now with clear blue skies, so you still need to wear sunglasses. There is a bit of chill in the mornings which tells you that winter is coming and I know it will get cold then, so I am going to enjoy this weather while it lasts. Another bonus of autumn is the trees are changing colour, not fully there yet so I’m sure we are going to get a stunning display soon.



Parking blocks. These are in every car park and I love them. It means you can’t reverse into a wall or another car. Brilliant. They also create a space between the back of the cars so you can get a trolley down to unload your shopping easily.



Vending machines in parks. If you go out then you can be reasonably sure you will find a vending machine or two and as well as the usual coke and fanta there is usually cold coffee (not tried) and fruit juice.


Can size. Since I am talking about vending machines I also love the smaller can size. I know this isn’t just here but I really do like the 250ml cans, I never finish a can and think that wasn’t enough, so why have the larger size. Wish I could always get this size.


Park attendants and facilities. I have written a couple of times about the Ulsan Grand Park (here and here)  as it really is a good park, the facilities there are well maintained and there is so much to do. There are always attendants around and ready to help, for example when we were there last week a guy fell of his bike as the front axle sheered, leaving him with a bloody face, within minutes an attendant was there who radioed for help and a golf style buggy came along, picked the guy and bike up and took them off to get help. Love it.


My 15kg washing machine. How did I ever cope with a 7kg one and the one in Singapore was only 5kg! It is so much easier to just bung everything it, it can take all the sheets from our beds and means I only do 3 clothes loads a week. I might just have to buy one before we leave and send it home with the shipment.



Road work mannequin. I haven’t managed to get a picture of these, as I am usually in the car driving, but they are at the start of road works indicating that you need to change lanes. They are very realistic and the first time I saw one I thought it was a person. They have a pink florescent baton, which is moved up and down showing you where to go. I guess people pay more attention to a ‘person’ that they do a sign.


Rice. Which is a pretty good thing as rice is such a stable here but I really do like the choice I have. We normally have sticky brown rice but we have started experimenting more with pink rice and with 5 grain rice as well, the later in particular is very tasty and definitely something I will miss when we go home.


Wet umbrella bags.  I first saw these in Singapore and they are such a good idea, they are in pretty much every shop/doctors/ theatre etc…, sometimes they even come in two sizes one for full size brollies and one for the folding ones. In case it isn’t clear how they work, you put your umbrella in and then pull it forward and it is now drip free in a long brolly bag.


Slime toilet

We have been in our apartment a week now so I thought I would do a tour of our gadgets, gizmos and thing-a-me-bobs.

Starting with our main control panel in the lounge.


I have the screen showing the weather forecast but it can call the lifts, open the security doors (there are cameras so you can see who is at the door), set the temperature in each room, close the lounge curtains, call security and work as a phone.

The lower panel is the light switches for the lounge.

On to the kitchen, here is our oven, microwave and coffee machine.


Pretty standard dishwasher and hob, but the drawer next to it is a chopping board steraliser.


Below the sink is the heated food waste bucket, it dries out the food – I think to make it less smelly and needing emptied less often.

The button on the floor is a foot switch for the tap.

This is a fun one.

Any ideas? It is a sonic salad steraliser.

On to the fridges.
Fridge number 1

Fridges (and freezers) 2 and 3

Fridge number 4

Fridge number 5 (for makeup)


This is my wonderful, huge 15kg washing machine.

Not sure if you see all my sticky labels but I spent a fun morning with google translate working out what all the buttons did.

Now for televisions, we have three in the flat; a little one in the kitchen,


which is odd as the flat is all open plan, so you can easily the main one,

and there is a small one for watching in the bath.



Being in the bathroom brings me nicely to the title of this post, the slime toilet.



Lots of buttons and fun to be had.


And a control panel on the wall,


which can also be used to open the doors in case of inconveniently timed visitors.