All packed up and ready to go.

We are all done, all the boxes are packed and the apartment cleaned ready to be handed back. We are just waiting for a representative of Coens, so I have a chance to write this up.

Yesterday was very manic, the packers arrived at the same time as Electra was collected which added to the confusion.

Yes we are taking Electra back to the UK with us, she has had all her shots and blood tests done and there is no quarantine anymore (yeah). Her move is being organised by the First Class Pet who have done everything. She is flying next Monday via Frankfurt. Last time we flew cats via Frankfurt they didn’t make the connection, hope that doesn’t happen again. I have just received an email from First Class Pets, letting me know how she is getting on and they attached this photo.


It really doesn’t seem a year (well a few weeks shy) since I last posted photos of boxes. It has been a fantastic year, lots of challenges overcome and brilliant friends made. Looks like the year to come will be just as eventful – I will post about this soon.

And so the time has come to say goodbye to Ulsan, I still never tried kimchi.


Stuff and nonsense

Our shipments have arrived! Note the plural – an air and a sea shipment from Singapore and an air shipment from the UK. We were told that the sea shipment would take at least an extra 4 weeks after the air and I was pissed that I had wasted time sorting out what we needed quickly but now I don’t care, I’m just happy to have my things again.

We came to Korea with just 4 suitcases and that included towels and essentials for Katrine’s birthday, which when you are turning 8 in a strange country is quite a lot. Which didn’t leave much space. Richard was the only one with 2 pairs of shoes as he needed a work pair and a not work pair, the rest of us just had the 1. Now, I am not a shoe person but after 4 weeks I am really fed up with my sandals.

Here are the inventory lists that I had to tick off as they brought the boxes in.


First, they taped carpet and lino on the floor, they even covered the door frames with spare cardboard.


The boxes start arriving. It was hard to keep up with which box was which and where it should go.


I so do not have a whole box full of handbags!


My cheese grater! I have missed you, and the other kitchen dodahs. Because we knew they were coming we didn’t want to waste any money buying more but cooking is so much easier with the right things.


Our bed has disappeared under a mound of stuff.


This will eventually become the playroom / guest room. Ready for when anyone wants to come and visit – it is only an 11 flight from the UK, an hour to change airports at Seoul and another hour flight. Pop over for a weekend!


This is just books. To be tackled another day.


Shoes! The female unpacker disappeared off with the shoes and I later found them in this cupboard.


We were wondering what this stand in the hall cupboard was for – scooters


I promised in the title some nonsense, the best I can do is tell you about some of the random things we got in the UK shipment. We had to just pick the items by box number and the inventory list wasn’t very clear. So we now have my wedding dress and shoes, Gregor’s very first pair of shoes, a wallpaper striper, some plant pots (Katrine is happy about these) and a carpet cleaner (we have marble floors). In my defense for the last one, the box said vacuum cleaner which I did want.

I am going to stop faffing with this and get back to the unpacking!