Last day at school

We are saying goodbye to another fantastic school, which is always a sad day. But we have all made some great new friends, who we will keep in touch with and, with any luck, we will meet again.


School sports day

Well it wasn’t really a sports day it was the BIFS track and field carnival, so more an athletics meet than a traditional sports day – no egg and spoon or sack race. It was for grade 3 up to grade 12 – nearly the whole school. Grades 1 and 2 get a more fun afternoon in a couple of weeks. It was very strange seeing my big girl with all the older kids, she looked so little in comparison.

I missed Katrine in the 100m sprint and the 70m hurdles (where she came second – not bad with little legs) so the first event I watched was the spot put.


Then it was time for a picnic lunch,


before we headed over to the long jump sand pit. I used the sports setting on my camera and as Katrine was in motion it took three shots very close together, so I actually managed to get her jump.

IMG_0573 IMG_0574 IMG_0575

IMG_0576Then on to the complicated task of getting 8 and 9 years olds to run a 4X100m relay. Even getting them to stay in their teams was tricky. Then convincing them about the staggered start positions! Katrine was running in second position, here they are all lined up ready to go.


IMG_0583I missed getting a picture of the handover, so here is Katrine disappearing into the distance – running like the wind as the teacher had instructed.

The final event that Katrine was in was the discus, which for the younger kids was a rubber ring. Much safe given that it wasn’t always thrown in a straight line! Safe to say this isn’t Katrine’s sport.


It was a brilliant day, but exhausting!


And as she came second in the hurdles she gets to do it again next week at the inter-school event.

Student Led Conferences

This week has been the student led conferences, and each grade had their own afternoon to present their work. Initially I wasn’t keen on this idea as it meant I had to go into school twice and I wasn’t sure how much would be gained from it. Now, having been to both conferences I am very pleased they split the grades up, I could really concentrate on each child and their work and the stuff they had been doing was pretty different.

Here are some photos of the two days, (Warning: proud mummy moment!)

Busan Museum of Art – school trip

Yesterday I got to go with my daughter’s grade 3 year on their school trip to the Busan Museum of Art. They have a special modern art exhibition visiting at the moment, which was quite hard work explaining to an eight year old but it was really good fun, there was a mixture of painting and sculpture and some video and audio pieces so kept their attention. I had 6 girls, including Katrine, and they were a great bunch and actually seemed quite interested in it, though they all wanted to flit from piece to piece and it was sometimes hard to steer them in the same direction. I’ve not included any photos of my group as I don’t have the permission of the parents so here are some photos of the museum and the exhibition, and one with my group silhouetted against the black and white film that they watched (but as you can’t actually ‘see’ any of them I figure that is ok.)


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Another new school

We have come to the end of our first week in our new school, the Busan International Foreign School. It is a recently built school on the outskirts of Busan, next to the highway so easy enough for us to get to.

Here is the main through space of the school.


20120825-082823.jpg (sorry about the finger in the way)

We all went for an induction afternoon on Monday and got to meet their teachers. This is them all lining up for the first time (you can just see Katrine’s yellow bobble).


Katrine is in Grade 3 (P4 in Scotland, year 4 in England) I went with her to her class room when Richard went with Gregor to his. He is going into Grade 1 (P2/year 2) and has a male teacher this year, it will be interesting to see how he gets on with this new dynamic.

The school doesn’t have a uniform but does have a PE kit. These are the winter kits,



And these are the summer ones.



This school is the further away option for us but there were two main reasons we liked it. It uses the International Baccalaureate curriculum, which they had last year so minimizes the changes and is similar to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Secondly, the school offers great outdoor facilities, essential for a high energy little dude.



Tuesday was the first day and I had two very nervous kids to go on the bus.


The bus is the major downside of this school, they have a much longer journey that I would have liked, it takes about 40 minutes. There was some confusion the first day as their are 2 buses from our building and only Katrine and Gregor getting on one, the other is full. This had Katrine in tears, every makes me question if I am doing the right thing and crying children make me feel awful. I spoke to her teacher and got email updates and a very happy Katrine at home time, so I think it was just first day nerves.

We have our timetables and they have a ‘fun’ lesson everyday. They have PE, music and art twice a week each, an hour in the library and three hours of Korea.

They also got to pick their after school electives, it was a tricky choice but they are both going for Taekwondo on Mondays and Fridays, Katrine has little chefs on Tuesdays and Gregor is doing ball sports on Thursdays. I’m worried this will be too much but it is hard to find out of school activities. We will give it a go and see how we get on.