Dog needed a hair cut

There are a few different places to get a dog’s hair trimmed here, but I have known people unhappy with all of them. So I decided it was a good idea to buy some clippers and learn how to do it myself.

Here he is in all his shaggy glory:


First it was bath time, not his favourite time but he puts up with it with good grace. And then runs around like a wild things for about ten minutes when we let him go. At least he is now all clean:


Then on to the clippers. It was amazing how much fur came off such a small dog. I went for a short trim this time so hopefully he won”t need another full trim until spring, just tidy up if needed. Ta Da

Now he is supposed to be a Yorkshire terrier but just look at those legs? Do they look very Yorkie like to anyone? We have fun trying to guess what other bread might be mixed in there, maybe some whippet? That would explain the slipping out when we open the front door and bolting it down the street! Great game, especially if some children can be persuaded to join in a chase him.

So what do yo think – what types of dogs are in there?