I survived

Today was my first day of driving in Korea. We have a temporary car as our new car has been held up in the factory. We have a Hyundai Tucson at the moment and will be getting the Hyundai Sante Fe soon (spot the pattern? – well what other company could we choose in Ulsan a.k.a Hyundai town.)

Well, the driving went well leaving the building but went rapidly down hill from there. I had planned my route to my friends house but didn’t notice when walking about that you can’t turn left from our building! I thought I would leave the main road and loop round on the smaller side roads and find my road a bit further on. Big mistake, because the roads are anything but big. You go from a huge road, 4 lanes each way, to little twisty roads with cars parked on each side and only just enough room to squeeze though.

After a lot of cursing, and yes I will admit in front of my kids, I found a way to go and got to my friends. Where we had a fantastic day but I will come back to this. Then it was time for the drive home. Now, I was feeling a bit happier I had coped getting there and I am aiming for the big tall building on the way back. How hard can it be? Everyone told me to get out of the Dong-gu peninsular I just need to go straight on and the right at the big junction. They forgot to mention that there was a big left before you stayed going straight on. Once I had missed the turning point there was no option but to keep going. Fortunately the road in Dong-gu does just loop round so i could just go round in a big circle, it just took a very long time and the rush hour traffic was starting to build.

Only one more unplanned diversion and we made it home, taking about an hour and a half to do a half hour journey. I can honestly say it was the most stressful driving I have eve done. However, now I am home and had some chocolate I can see that the stress was from not being able to read the signs or know the traffic light signals (there are 4 lights with a different pattern), driving on the other side of the road and not having a clue where I was. That will get better. I just might have to repeat that to myself a few times before I believe it.