I have completed my defensive driving course

What an eventful day! I had my defensive driving course, which BP insist you do before you are allowed to drive (not just here it is their worldwide policy). I was really nervous about this, we have only been here a week and I can already say the driving style is chaotic. Richard had to go into work first thing so I had to get a taxi with the kids and met him at the yard gate, then all of us drive to the training centre and then Richard took the kids home. We had a really nice taxi driver who quickly figured out what we were doing, amazing how much you can communicate even without words.

As soon as I got into the course I realised I had forgotten my International Driving Permit (a little brown book with my photo glue into the back). I talked to the instructors and there was an hour break for lunch which was enough time to head home and get it – but that is where the day started to go wrong.

Got home easily enough but had a nightmare journey back to the training centre. I had a map with the address written on it and the taxi driver said ‘nae, nae’ (yes, yes) when I gave it to him so I assumed he knew where he was going. Oh no, he really didn’t. We drove round and round with the taxi driver occasionally shouting at me. I phoned the course instructor and the taxi driver started shouting at her as well. He then tapped something into his satnav and drove off, heading of in obviously the wrong way. When I tried to point this out there was another tirade of shouting. Now add to this, I didn’t have very much Won with me, just enough to get me there and back home again but with all this circling around the meter was getting higher and higher.

We eventually made it back to the training centre in time for me to do the practical training part of the course. In the morning the instructors talked about driving in a calm and relaxed frame of mind, neither of which applied to me right then. A Korean guy went first and the road though the market was pretty quiet which gave me hope that maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as expected. Hmmm, nope. Multiple cars reversing, a little girl ran out at the crossing (which 2 cars had parked on so no-one could see) and while I was stopped for her to cross I was getting beeped at from the car behind. I think it might take me a while to get used to the driving here!

I am home now and having a cup of tea and slowly starting to feel calm. Yes, today has been a tough day (the first of many I’m sure) but I managed it. I got home and now know that there is cash machines inside Family Mart.

We will be getting our car in a few days and then the fun with driving will really begin.