Strawberry Philadelphia and Chilli Sauce

Here are some photos from my local supermarket.  Hope you enjoy them.

Emergency Lego

Our shipment has been delayed, it will now turn up on Tuesday, hopefully It was due to arrive yesterday, but when we did our alien registration Gregor’s photo was rejected, which has delayed everything. It is all in country, it just needs to clear customs, so now both the air and sea shipments will arrive together. I was told the sea shipment would take an additional three weeks so spent a few days sorting though our stuff to find the bits and pieces we wanted quickly. I know I should be pleased that everything is here but feel a bit miffed that I wasted so much time.

Right, back to the point; Katrine and Gregor were very disappointed to not be getting their stuff. We only brought 4 suitcases with us, which is mostly clothes. Yesterday the weather wasn’t on our side, it was hot and very close so no one fancied going out. Instead we headed back to Emart and picked up some emergency Lego supplies.

Gregor found these really cool monster trucks.


They are designed to crash into each other and the little Lego man gets catapulted out. They had a competition watched by all the other Lego people.


The green truck was declared the winner and awarded a trophy in a medal ceremony.


Katrine picked Lego Friends, the girls first put on a rockin’ concert for the post race party.


Before heading back to the lab to get some work done.


I am now an alien

Well, that is my alien registration done. I think! It was all very confused, Katrine, Gregor and myself were picked up by a minibus (Richard was already on it) and taken to the Ulsan Immigration Centre. There were about 20 people already there, guys Richard works with and their families and 1 representative from Hyundai to sort all the forms out. We all just milled around and then randomly called to the counter, finger printed and then told we could all leave. Apparently that is it, Richard will get our alien registration numbers tomorrow and once he has them he can sort out the shipments arriving and our proper card thingys will turn up in a week or so. Very glad Hyundai sent someone to sort it out as it would have been chaos otherwise.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet, I still haven’t figured out anything to do with the kids and it is too hot and muggy to be outside long. We did make it to McDonald’s for lunch and we got what we ordered. We met another family arrived from Singapore, so will try and arrange a few plays and get to know some more people quickly.

I also did another trip to Emart, our nearest supermarket, to start getting the kitchen set up. I am going to try and concentrate on what I did manage to find rather than the things I didn’t. So yeah for official blue bin bags (these were tricky to get) and chocolate digestive biscuits.

Birthday girl and hamster

Katrine is 8! It was a very early start to open presents (before hair could be brushed).


Unfortunately the pet shop (which is inside the big supermarket Emart) did not open for another 4 hours so it was a long wait. We brought the cage on Friday so it was all ready to go, as you can see, katrine is very excited.


But the wait was worth it. Introducing Hamlet the hamster.


He is a very active wee fella and seems very friendly and happy to be held.


And enjoys exploring.



I had brought a cake mix in Singapore but got the oven settings wrong. Which pleased Katrine enormously as we got to go to Baskin Robins for an ice cream cake.


I was going to make pizza but couldn’t find all the ingredients so we were going to make do with bagel pizza. Except I brought chilli purée rather than tomato! So a quick trip to Pizza Hut ended a very good birthday.