TISA Winter Fair and gingerbread house

This weekend was the school’s winter fair. There were vendors in the old gym, games in the primary corridor and international food court, Santa’s secret shop (where the kids can shop in secret from their parents), books sale and of course Santa’s grotto.

My two decided to pass on seeing Father Christmas (first year that has happened!) but did enjoy the games and going into the shop by themselves – all items are 5azn which they pay on entry so can just browse and pick what they like. The gifts are very nicely presented in red bags all sealed so I’m not allowed to peek.

The old gym looked really nice with all the different stalls in it.

There was even a Guide table, selling all the items the girls have made over the last few weeks and some that were very kindly donated by parents. (Forgot to take a picture when Katrine was manning the stall though.)


Gregor and I didn’t stay for long but Katrine stayed for lunch – and had Indonesian food, which she said was extremely nice.

One thing we did pick up from the winter fair was a gingerbread house kit. Lots of fun was had the next day putting it together.