Halloween fun

A few days ago I posted some of our halloween preparations so I really need to put the photos up of the day itself.

It took about 2 hours to walk all around Stonepay, next time I will wear more sensible footwear – I got blisters! Fortunately security closed the roads as there were hundreds of children wandering around. Richard was left at home to hand out the sweets – we had over 4kgs and gave out nearly all of it. A lot of houses ran out as there were so many Trick or Treaters.

This was our first experience of a Stonepay Halloween and it didn’t disappoint, it was a shame that Katrine had a sore arm, you could tell it was hurting but she was not going to let that get in the way of collecting sweets! I didn’t see much of Gregor, as soon as he was able to, he disappeared off with a couple of other boys, every so often one the way round we would bump into them and compare our loot.

Brilliant night and one of the highlights of living here.


Preparing for Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays and we all love getting in to the spirt of things (did you see what I did there?). Last year we were visiting here on our recce trip, I can’t believe that that was a year ago – it really doesn’t feel that long. The year before we were in Korea and had a lot of fun dressing up and going Trick or Treating around the apartment.

This year will be our first in Stonepay and from what I can here it is a big occasion. All the roads are closed in the evening so that the kids can wander safety and there are loads of houses being decorated, some were decorated weeks in advance.

So over the last few weeks we have been busy getting ready as well, and making as much ourselves as possible.

First we needed to get some supplies and, as even though I am good at crafty stuff I am not a sewer, we needed costumes. My driver already knew a good party shop, Karnival – which is on Rashid Behbudov (an Azeri singer/actor) Street between Milli Bank and Kapital bank on the righthand side, before you get to the park.

They have a pretty good selection of children’s and adult’s costumes, loads of balloons and knickknacks (a lot of which are very shiny, my magpie was a very happy girl) and a really good selection of face paints (the german brand Eulenspiegel).

Now we were fully stocked up the next step was to get making!

IMG_0080Rubber washing up gloves stuffed with cotton wool and then covered with papier mache (the slightly grey cover is because we are reusing the packing paper from the move).

The looked pretty good just like this but even better when they were painted and false nails applied.


Now onto making the cardboard graves (move reusing packing material – this time the boxes). The dog wanted to be in this photo – and he was too cute to shoo away.


Then all that was needed was to attach wooden sticks, so they can be stuck into the ground, and the fun of spray painting them grey.

IMG_3020 IMG_3021

We still have the finishing touches to do tomorrow but it is already looking good.

A vampire and a zombie go to school

Sounds like quite a good idea for a children’s book, will have to remember that one.

Yesterday was Halloween and the school had organised a party in the afternoon, and the kids could all go to school in costume. So six thirty in the morning I am applying face paint to my two little monsters to turn them into a vampire and a zombie.









I had a brief moment of panic when we went down to get the bus as the two teenagers were not dressed up but then everyone else arrived in costume. Phew! It was really fun waiting for the bus and we got some really friendly comments from the passing Koreans. Here are a couple of stragglers coming to the bus.


They both had a wonderful time at school and I have no idea if the teachers managed to get them to do any work, they must have been so excited. They had and elementary assembly and some of the grade 5 got to pick the best costume from each class – Gregor won for Grade 1 green! Whooo-hooo. What was incredibly sweet is I was told by a few of the other children when they got off the bus, who seemed really pleased that someone from Skyrex won a prize.

Then it was time for trick or treating. Now back home this is really easy, I come from a very small village called Meikle Wartle, and you know everyone by sight and most to say hello to. There is also an unwritten rule that if there is a pumpkin or other Halloween decorations out then you were welcome and if not then you just passed that house by. But how does it work in a block of flats, where the majority of people are Korean, who don’t celebrate Halloween at all? Plus not everyone wants to get involved. So I thought it would be easiest if I asked the families I know if they were happy for us to call. And then a couple of other families joined in and other people wanted us to call on them and it snowballed! In the end we had about 16 children and visited over a dozen apartments.

We arranged to meet at the playpark, on level 5, at 6.30. Here are my two, looking suitably spooky.


This is the best picture I have of most of them all together (we couldn’t get all of them together at one time!)


We then worked our way up tower 101 first before making a start on tower 102. At one point we knocked on the wrong door, not one previously arranged, and they still had sweets on the off chance that someone would call. We didn’t all fit into one lift, so occasionally we made the older kids run up the stairs (I miscalculated which floor we were on and made them run up 8 flights once, and they still got there before the lift!)

The prize has to go to Natalie for getting into the spirt and decorating her apartment for us and making fantastic Halloween goodie bags.

I am incredible overwhelmed how kind everyone was (big thank you to all the wonderful people in Skyrex), it really made the kids so happy. Trick or treating up and down an apartment block is very different from our sleepy village back home, but just as much fun!