International day 2015

I have said before, International day is my favourite school event. Always a great chance to get photos and see what a wonderful community we have here at TISA. This year there are 52 different nationalities from all continents, except Antartica. TISA Times, the school magazine, has this pie-chart showing where all the pupils come from.

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The day starts with a whole school assembly, there are about 700 pupils aged between 3-18. Last year the assembly was in the old gym, which was crowded, hot and it was very hard to see the stage. This year we were in the new gym, TISA5, which was a huge improvement. Plenty of space for everyone.

The assembly started with the Azerbaijani national anthem followed by the parade of flags. Students were picked from both Middle and Primary sections (where there are enough numbers) and every nation at the school has a flag. Then onto the performances, all the primary classes performed, fortunately the upper classes were grouped together otherwise it would have over run by even longer!

There was a second assembly in the afternoon, this is usually held outside on the field but Friday as the day the weather turned from summer to autumn, so it was back to TISA5. The Caspian Choir sang at this and there were performances from the Middle and High School students.

There was also the celebration of food for lunch, which is Katrine’s favourite part of the day. I didn’t go this year to take photos but I had good feedback from Katrine and Gregor. Katrine couldn’t pick a favourite food – though she said the Chinese table was extra yummy, Gregor’s favourite was the scones from the British table!

The students also take part in workshops though out the day, Katrine went to:

  • India – henna designs on her hand
  • South Africa – drumming
  • Scotland – highland dancing
  • Turkey – marble painting
  • Holland – learnt about rivers and dams.

Gregor went to:

  • Chilli – Zumba
  • New Zealand – played a traditional game
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Limbo Dance
  • Lebanon – wrote their names in Arabic and a dance.

International Day at TISA

International day is one of my favourite days of the school calendar. As Katrine and Gregor are 2/8 Welsh (my father) and 3/8 English and 3/8 Scottish (Richard had one English grandparent so isn’t fully Scottish) they can choose what country they want to represent.

Katrine choose to go with the Union and Gregor wore his kilt paired with a Scottish rugby top (sorry Grandad he didn’t think the red of the Welsh top went properly).


There was an assembly at school with a flag procession and greetings from the students from every country represented, there are over 50 different nationalities at TISA.  Then there were performances from a few countries.  (My photos are a bit grainy as I was using my phone)

There was also a fantastic performance of traditional dancing, by 4 guys and 4 women, but they were moving so fast (especially the guys) that all the photos are blurry!

The assembly finished with the whole primary singing, I had to use the panorama setting to make everyone fit in!

IMG_0033The next highlight of the day was the food festival at lunch time. There was so much amazing food (I helped out so I got to taste a lot once the kids had all been though).

It was a wonderful day and Katrine and Gregor came home telling all about the workshops they attended – Japanese puppets, making Welsh cakes, dancing the Gay Gordons, American 4th July celebration, Philippines “clap” dance….