We got to go on a Santa steam train

We have a family tradition of going to see Father Christmas on a steam train very year. The only year we have missed out we were in Thailand. But this year, with all the rushing around and visiting family and friends all over the country (this week we have traveled from Hampshire up Glasgow for a few days, then to Aberdeenshire and now to North Wales) we didn’t think we would manage it.

So I was delighted when yesterday we popped in to Llangollen station and they had tickets available for the afternoon’s train, we even managed to get a compartment carriage to ourselves! I managed to take a couple of pictures before Gregor claimed possession of the camera, which as he loves everything to do with trains kept him very busy.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and wonderful that we managed to it, at some point Katrine and Gregor will get too old for Santa trains but until then I am going to enjoy it.


Family tradition – Santa on a Steam Train

We try to go on a Santa steam train every Christmas, and is part of the holidays that we all enjoy and look forward to. Last year we didn’t manage it, as we were in Thailand and we were a bit worried that we wouldn’t this year as we couldn’t head up to Aviemore but found one at Llangollen, which is only 45 minute drive away.


Richard informs me that our engine was a Black 5. 20121224-153454.jpg You can’t go on a train without posing for a family photo. 20121224-153736.jpg Father Christmas, and his helpers, came along the train, with presents for the children and mince pies and mulled wine for the adults.


Two very happy children:

20121224-153938.jpg 20121224-153946.jpg            



After a steep climb and though a tunnel, we arrived at Corrog Station, a  corner of which had been converted to Lapland, complete with fake snow and a sleigh for more photos.

The train then chuffed back down the line to Llangollen, going on a steam train is a brilliant way to spend Christmas eve.