Arriving in Ulsan Korea

1st of August 2012 we left Singapore for the last time as our home. It was quite an emotional ride to the airport as Gregor kept waving to everything to say goodbye. He has been the most visibly upset by leaving but I think Katrine is also affected, she just shows it differently.

Singapore airport was as efficient and boring as ever and we were seated on the plane about 20 minutes prior to departure. And we sat there and sat there, then there was an announcement there was a small delay. That turned in an hour wait before we even left the stand. Why is it waiting on the stand is so much more boring than flying though the air?

We managed to make up some of the time on the very bumpy flight and were only about 40 minutes late on landing. We arrived into Seoul’s main airport Incheon and had to transfer to the smaller domestic airport at Gimpo. This involves going along twisty airport corridors, small train ride to the passenger terminal, pass though immigration control, collect our bags, queue to pass customs, find the stand selling tickets for the bus to Gimpo and then find the right bus stand. This is easier than it sounds as everyone is heading the same way most of the time and you just go with the flow, but we were really running late so had to hurry as much as possible.

We arrived at Gimpo airport just 30 minutes before our flight was due to depart sure we had missed the last flight of the day. But no, they let us on we had just enough time to clear security and board the plane. All our bags made it too.

You fly over Ulsan approaching the airport and you can see all the neon signs brightlly lit up. There is a ferris wheel which is multicoloured and flashing which is easy to spot from the plane. When you drive into Ulsan the neon is even more over-powering as every building is covered in multiple signs for different buildings each competing to be the brightest and flashiest. The fact you can’t read any of the words makes it more overwhelming.

We are staying in the Lotte hotel, right in the centre of Ulsan, for 2 nights until our apartment ready on Friday.