We have chosen a house.

We have managed to arrive in Baku at exactly the right time (totally by coincidence) as 15 brand new houses have just been completed and ready for occupancy. Some have already been allocated but we still got a choice between the remaining.



There are 4 different styles of houses to chose from, all with the same floor size but with slightly different layouts and house colour.  We picked a house with layout E, as we preferred the separate rooms downstairs and that the balcony is from the upstair’s landing so everyone can access it.


It is right at the end of the cul-de-sac, just behind where I took the picture of the street above. Which means that the garden is slightly squint and narrow in places, but we do get trees (I am envisioning a hammock gently swinging and maybe some Swallows and Amazon style tents slung between them). For the next year the access to the street is down a passage way right next door but then it will move to the other end so we will be away from the traffic. Plus it is really, really close to school – cross the road behind and they are there – no more long commutes for us in the mornings.

The inside isn’t fully finished, so we don’t have a moving date yet but have been told it will be soon, but it is looking really good.


Getting ready for our move to Baku

Sorry about the massive gap between blog posts. Not got a good excuse but the longer it went the harder it seemed to find anything to write about, plus I felt I should include things in order so I shouldn’t write about B before I had written about A  which happened weeks ago. it all got in a muddle of procrastination and nothing got posted at all.

Well, I have been well and truly shamed by my daughter  who has started her own blog (www.katrinesbrilliantbookblog.wordpress.com) and she has been writing a post a day. This has given me the push I needed to get back into blogging.

The last few weeks have been really busy getting ready for our move to Baku. We are going on the 28th July but our sea/ land shipment is being packed tomorrow. It takes 2 months to get there, clear customs etc so in theory we should arrive at the same time to get settled in really quickly. We will see if this actually works in practise.

We are also in the process of buying a house in the UK, which will be out home base. This is a brand new house and the build has been delayed. Fingers very tightly crossed we will be moving in there at the end of this month.

So I have spent most of my free time splitting everything we own in to two – going and staying  – and buying any stuff that we are missing, lots of trips to IKEA.

I have even had to photograph all pictures we are taking with us, some custom requirement (I think so that we can take them easily out again at the end as we can prove we brought them in).

But we are ready for the packers tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Back to Baku

We found out ten days ago that we aren’t going to be moving and staying in the UK for the next few years. Instead we are going to Baku, Azerbaijan.

We originally were told that we would be heading straight away, as soon as work permits could be sorted out, but over the last week we have sorted out the details a lot more and it is much better that we spend 5 months in the UK and then go in the new year. This works out a lot better for everyone as the kids will get a whole term at their new school, we get to spend time with our family and friends and we will have Christmas at home.

We lived in Baku 7 years ago, so it will be very interesting to see how much it has changed.