Obligatory first day of school photos

Yep, it is the start of the new school year and also a new school. They are going to The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA), which is just across the road from our new house, so no more long drives to school.


Both looking very happy to be starting and I swear Katrine’s legs have grown overnight!

There was an induction morning for new students on Friday so they already knew where their classroom are and had met their teachers, Gregor is with Mr Dave and Katrine with Mr Matt, and they already knew somebody in their class which really helps. There is even another Gregor in the same class as my Gregor, which has never happened before.

It feels a bit strange being alone in the house, we have been so on top of each other this summer that it feels very quiet at the moment. But I am already meeting loads of new people, I have found a netball group so I can keep that up, and I’m sure I will find lots of things to do soon. So this afternoon I am just going to enjoy the peace.