Brownies – yoga for little people

As part of our olympic patches, that we have been working toward for Brownies, there was an option to try yoga. Fortunatly we have a yoga teacher downstairs – I go to the adult classes – who very kindly agreed to take the children in a mini yoga lesson.


Here they are getting started, warming up.




I have to admit Gregor was a reluctant participate and at times was keen to join in and give it a try, but at others he obviously felt uncomfortable and just wanted to get up and run around. He did give it a fair shot, so I am very pleased with him.

All upside down.



I didn’t get a picture of distressed beetle (I was too busy chatting) but it was very funny, they were all on their backs with arms and legs in the arm, waving them about like, well, a distressed beetle.

Karen then introduced some yoga cards, where they could look though and pick which ones they wanted to try. I think Gregor liked picking the cards more than the poses.


Katrine choose hibernating bear, where you have to concentrate on you breathing.


Here are Sophia and Amelia, I didn’t catch what this pose was called.


Then came the relaxing part at the end, this was obviously harder for some that others. Katrine and Amelia looked like they could stay there forever.


This was the last activity that we needed to do for our patch:


Well, it actually 4 patches in a circle and very large so it won’t fit onto the sash, I will have  to put it on to the badge blanket instead. More sewing to add to the pile, I also have name labels to add onto the taekwondo uniforms.


A hug thank you to Karen for helping us with this – it was a great brownie meeting.


Lone Brownies Together

Katrine is a Brownie! Before we left the UK she was in the 1st Pitcaple Brownies and before that in the 1st Pitcaple Rainbows. When we moved to Singapore, she couldn’t get into a British unit so instead jumped across to the American Girl Scouts, both organisation are linked to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Then we moved to Korea. There are no British Brownies here and the nearest American troop is about 2 hours a away so no use at all.

Which leaves us with three options.

1) She stops Brownies for a couple of years.

2) I set up a unit.

3) She becomes what is known as a lone Brownie, still gets to earn the badges etc but without a unit.

We have gone with option 3, and maybe option 2 if there are enough girls interested and I can get my act together to start a unit. There is another family here who are in the same situation so the two girls will be lone Brownies together. We went over to their house on Sunday, just for a play, and I took the Brownie information so we could plan what we wanted to do.

This wasn’t good enough for the girls and they wanted they first Ulsan Brownie meeting. We are working towards the Olympic patch, here they are hard at work designing their own sports kit.


Gregor and Amelia joined in (they will get the patch too though they are too young and Gregor is a boy!)


This is Katrine’s finished art work.



They then decided to have a mini carnival, which I think it looking forward to the 2016 games (with Sophia’s dad joining in the spirit).



Gregor chose not to participate in this activity. Instead he took himself off to play with marbles.


We are going to hold meeting on Saturday mornings, when the dads are at work. Any suggestions of other fun games/activities we could do?